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Can you believe that 100 years ago on January 24th, 1916, 30 men gathered around and signed a document for Carleton Place to have a 'Board of Trade', which is now known as the Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce. For 100 years the Carleton Place Chamber has been working with it's town and businesses to create a sense of community and support. Ever wondered about these great men who started it all? They were just normal businessmen who saw a vision and came together to make a legacy. Let us introduce you to our original members...

Charles Bates



Charles Bates was born in 1873. He was a textile manufacturer and part owner of the Bates and Innes Woolen Mill. He died at the age of 90 in 1963. 



R. D. Carmichael





R. D. Carmichael was a grocer on Bridge Street, at the present day location of Ballygiblin’s Restaurant. He died in 1931.




Albert Cram 





Albert Cram was born in 1867 and died in 1929 at the age of 62. He was a Wool Dealer as well as the Mayor of Carleton Place in 1909 and 1910. 




James Dack 




1869-1930, Dack had a long and accomplished life. He apprenticed as a jeweler in Almonte and then moved to Carleton Place in 1898 where he took over the Godden business. The store remains on Bridge Street and to this day is still owned by the family.



Frank Davis


Frank Davis was born in 1874 and was a very active citizen in Carleton Place. He was the editor of the Central Canadian Newspaper for over 30 years (1914-1945.) He also spent 12 years as editor of the Merrickville Star. On top of all that he formed a partner ship with Aja Roe, editor of the Carleton Place Herald in 1938 and the two town papers amalgamated to become the Carleton Place Canadian. He was also an active worker for town causes and a constant supporter of the Conservative Pary. He also was a participant in lawn bowling, golf and curling. He passed in 1953.  





David Findlay





David Findlay was born in 1860.  He was a Manufacturer at Findlay and Sons Foundry in Carleton Place. He died in 1934.




George Findlay




George Findlay was born in 1864. He was a Barrister and Insurance Agent and later went on to become Mayor of Carleton Place in 1908. He later died in 1945 at the ripe old age of 81. 





William Hughes





William Hughes as born in 1866. He was a Druggist at Hughes Pharmacy on Bridge Street. He was also a Master at St. John's Masonic Lodge in 1928.  In addition he also was Mayor of Carleton Place in 1922 and 1947.



William Matthews




William Matthews was born in 1868. He became a Furniture Maker, Merchant and Undertaker and had his store at 43 Bridge Street in Leslie Block. He also served as Mayor of Carleton Place between 1928 and 1929. 



F.C. McDiarmid





F. C McDiarmid was a Merchant at Men’s and Boy’s Outfitters on Bridge Street. 





William Nichols




Nichols was born in 1870 and was the owner of a saw mill and planning mill on Lake Avenue. He also served one term as Mayor of Carleton Place in 1902. He passed away in 1933. 





William Pattie




William Pattie was a Contractor and Builder and was Reeve of Carleton Place in between 1887-1889. 






Adam Peden





Adam Peden was born in 1849 and died in 1931 at the age of 82. He was a clerk of the Town of Carleton Place for over 25 years (1877-1919). He also operated his food and beverage “aerated waters” store on Bell Street and later on the west side of Bridge Street, as late as 1863. 




David Smythe

David Smythe was born in 1870. He was Mayor of Carleton Place in 1911 and again in 1917. He was also a Merchant and Harness Maker and had his business on Bridge Street. He died in 1934. 








Other Chamber Members include;


W. H. Allan, Publisher

George Allen, Merchant

William Baird, Merchant

H. R. Bowland, Merchant

James Cavers, Manufacturer

W. T. Maguire, Produce Merchant
Colin McIntosh, Insurance Agent

D. H. McIntosh, Druggist

D.B. Oliver, Bank Manager

D.P. Patterson, Merchant

J. W. Patterson, Merchant

Robert Patterson, Insurance Agent

N. M. Riddell, Merchant

C. Frank R. Taylor, Merchant

S.W. Stanzel, Shoe Merchant

D. Williams, Butcher


100 years of history, all started by the mere 30 gentlemen above. They created a Chamber of Commerce that has lasted for 100 years...and hopefully for 100 more!


Much thanks to the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum for the photographs and biographical information.