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Present and Former Board Members and Presidents of the Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce 

Donna MacDonald (President in 2007 - 2009, 2013-Present)

Donna Macdonald’s involvement in the Chamber started in October 2005, when she attended her first Chamber meeting in the boardroom in the basement of the town hall. “I waited for 20 minutes before anyone else arrived…I was on time. There were 5 people in attendance: the Chamber Manager, the Chamber Treasurer, and the members of the Board—2—and me.”

In April 2007, Donna became President of the Chamber and served her first term. Chamber activities increased that year, and the Chamber started holding networking lunches and breakfasts, as well as continuing on with the Annual Golf Tournament and the Annual Grand Fundraiser. The Chamber also held an AGM that was well attended, and summer students were employed through grants given by the government.

“In 2008 it gets really exciting! Our operating budget jumped to more than $95,000 of which the Town Council contributed $11,000.” Employees were employed through grants, and the membership doubled in 2008. From 100 members in 2005 to 180 members in 2008. Along with the annual golf tournament, Grand Fundraiser/AGM and other activities the Chamber  offered CPR and first aid courses and baby car seat clinics. An attempt was also made to get central Wi-Fi in the downtown core and a fulltime Officer Manager was hired.

In 2009, the Chamber launched their Tourism Initiative, with a goal to attract more tourists to Carleton Place.

In 2010, Macdonald became a director again and in March 2012, Vice President. In 2013, she began her second term as president of the Chamber. Donna is looking forward to more years, and further success and growing with the Chamber. The latest Chamber initiative is called Planning for Growth, and includes components of attracting military families to Carleton Place as well as the industry that will follow. Lots of excitement ahead!

For more information on Past Board Members, be sure to check out the original founding members from 1916! 



Robin Mulloy has been involved with the Chamber for ten years. 
Robin Mulloy, has been involved with the Chamber for 10 years, and has served on several different committees including; Membership, Canada Day and Communications. Here is a little bit more about him;
Q:  What major projects and tasks did the Chamber of Commerce undertake while you were president?
​A: I wanted the Chamber to be self-sufficient and to be run like a proper business, and less like a town event planner.  This included a necessary separation of the Chamber from the Town and BIA, while developing a proper working relationship with both organizations.

Previously the Chamber shared a staff member with the BIA and had ties to the town, but did not receive fees for service.  During my term we developed and proposed a fee for service to the town for tourism related activities.  This included the Canada Day celebrations which were previously a Chamber initiative (which was crazy since we were responsible for raising over $10K each year just for fireworks! )  As well, we began the search for gov't programs to help with Chamber finances.​ 


Q. What were some of the major business issues in Carleton Place while you were president?


​A. The Chamber focus was centered on tourism related businesses (ie. retail). One of our major (and costly) initiatives prior to my term was the creation and distribution of a tourism booklet. 


Q. What are your thoughts for the Chamber turning 100?


​A. Glad the Chamber still exists; there were times in the past where a merger with BIA had been proposed.  As well during my term an organization named BBAR was attempting to replace the Chamber function as a community watchdog and business activist.


Q:  What issues do you think the Chamber should be addressing locally right now?

​A: I believe the Chamber is currently doing a good job. I am proud to have played some part in its existence.

Q.  Is there anything else that you think might be relevant as the chamber approaches 100?


A: I'm very pleased to see this effort to compile a historical record.  I look forward to seeing the final product.

Congratulations to everyone involved with the Chamber!