2020 Business Of The Year Nominee Information

Business Of The Year

Business: Kelly Huiber McNeely Professional

What is your product, what service do you provide? We are a public accounting firm. We provide financial audit and assurance services as well as personal and corporate tax planning and compliance.

Who are your clients? Our main clients are owner-manager businesses. We also service non-profit organizations.

In your opinion what was your or your businesses most important achievements/contributions to the community in 2020? (Include examples such as financial success, awards, recognition, growth of markets, new products, job creation, on-going stability. Examples may also include leadership, economic spin-offs, payroll, community involvement, attraction of new markets) 2020 was a very challenging year due to COVID. However we were able to keep our office open during the pandemic. We spent a considerable amount of time helping our clients navigate the complicated government assistance programs and we received a lot of positive feedback as a result of this help.

In your opinion what makes you or your business unique/stand out?  (The outstanding aspects of a business over time, such as income, growth, product development, innovation, employee development, community involvement, etc.) We have great staff who truly care about our clients.