Do you want to appeal to a younger demographic? Want to get people talking about you? Maybe you want to attract an influencer, blogger or podcaster? Putting yourself out there as a “fun” company is a great way to attract more attention.

If you want more customers, becoming a “fun” business with an identifiable tone and brand, can help you build a loyal audience that enjoys talking about you. Your business culture can make a big difference in getting referrals, more engagement, new hires, more customers, and creating a loyal employee base.

  1. Clearly communicate business goals and desired content tone to your employees. Then give them a little leeway to post, share, like, and comment on social media. Point out examples of posts and comments you love so they know what voice you want for your business.
  2. Host contests on social media.
  3. Share posts and images that aren’t all business. Let your audience get to know you!
  4. Rewrite your web copy in your new company voice.
  5. Invite people to post on your page.
  6. Create a Facebook group around your product or service. Make it a fun escape!
  7. Do more video. Help customers get to know people at your business.
  8. Showcase fun things about your most loyal customers.
  9. Encourage people to share creative uses for your product.
  10. Host a challenge or other form of experiential marketing.
  11. Create spotlights of your employees featuring “fun” facts very few people know about them.
  12. Invite people to decorate their desks in a manner that reflects their personalities.
  13. Start a club at work for people who like the same hobby or form of exercise.
  14. Record some of your online staff meeting, like the beginning icebreaker, and add the video to your website.
  15. Share your favorite things on social media or on a blog post; create fun posts like “10 Things I Can’t Live Without.”
  16. Record a song parody that fits your job or industry.
  17. Make a JibJab video and share it in your company newsletter.
  18. Create a bloopers reel on video.
  19. Create a video about funny things that only people in your industry or community would understand.
  20. Ask employees to record a video of a little known/weird skill they have. Show them doing it.
  21. Highlight some fun/odd “national” holidays like “National S’mores Day”. Make videos of how your company is celebrating.
  22. Bring a really old item into your business and record your employees guessing what it is.
  23. Allow employees to bring their pets to work.
  24. Celebrate small wins and big wins. Post your video celebrations so others can partake in your joy.
  25. Rename your job titles to speak to the end goals like “engagement officer” for your social media person.

Customers buy from those they like and trust so use some of these ideas to help your customers get to know you better!