About the Chamber

A Chamber of Commerce is a network of businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals that work collectively to promote economic growth and prosperity within a specific region or community. Chambers of Commerce typically serve as advocacy groups for local businesses, providing resources, support, and networking opportunities to help businesses thrive.

Membership in a Chamber of Commerce makes the business community stronger and therefore makes each  business stronger. Membership is also a tax-deductible business expense and a cost-effective marketing opportunity for business.


Benefits of Being a Member

The Chamber is an advocate for business in the community and works to remain aware of issues that could affect Carleton Place and District businesses. The Chamber engages in dialog with representatives at all levels of government and works to connect the local business community, provide educational and networking opportunities, and encourages local partnerships and collaborations. There are many membership benefits:

  • Access to Networking and Learning Opportunities
  • Member-to-Member Discount Program
  • Business Listing and Referrals
  • Marketing and Promotional Opportunities
  • Group Health Care Coverage
  • Community Involvement and Betterment
  • Discounted Training
  • Lobbying and Representation
  • Access to Business Tools and Resources
  • Regular Member Updates

What does the Chamber do?

Encourages relationship-building through networking opportunities
Offers professional development opportunities
Provides creative business leadership and effective coordination of all interested parties in solving community problems and initiating constructive community action
Coordinates the efforts of commerce, industry, and the professions in maintaining and strengthening a sound healthy business climate in the surrounding area
Creates a broad understanding and appreciation of the great opportunities in the surrounding area and promotes the advantages and assets of the community
Promotes a better understanding of our private enterprise system
Delivers assistance to the community through engagement in community events
Brings encouragement and engagement to the young leaders of tomorrow (including the awarding of bursaries)

How a Chamber Operates

The Chamber board of directors’ positions are all voluntary. The Chamber board is the policy-making body of the Chamber of Commerce and provides oversight to the staff. The board chair and members of the board are elected by the members at large of the Chamber and the board’s actions are directed by the Chamber Bylaws. The chair of the board presides over all meetings of the board and minutes are taken.





How it is Financed

The Chamber of Commerce is primarily financed by member funding from membership fees, corporate sponsorships and, non-dues revenue. Support from both business and professional interests in the community is essential to finance the programs vital to community growth and development. Non-dues income includes:

The Chamber also offers the Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan.

The membership dictates membership fees and each year there is a cost of living increase.

Chamber Staff

Jackie Kavanagh, General Manager

Sarah Kistler,  Membership and Events Coordinator




Our Vision
Working with local businesses, government and community leaders to foster a thriving, prosperous and welcoming community.
Our Mission
Supporting business success through quality programs and services. Promoting growth and economic prosperity by serving the community as a leading business advocate, cultivating leadership, and facilitating connectivity.