Awards Categories

Please join us and take the opportunity to celebrate the exceptional individuals and businesses in our community.  The Business Awards of Excellence Gala will take place at The Grand Hotel on Friday, October 18th, and will highlight the achievements and growth that has been exhibited by local business owners.

We are looking for submissions in 7 categories:

1. Business / Business Person of the Year Award

This award will be given to a business that has been operating in Carleton Place and District for at least five years.

The nominee is viewed as a business leader in the community and has demonstrated excellence in business operations including; financial management, environmental practices, customer service, and sales and marketing.  The business person also has a strong track record of community involvement and support.

2. Community Involvement Award

This award will be given to a company that has demonstrated outstanding leadership in community service through organized programs involving employee and management engagement – the organization will have an established reputation for a high level of involvement in community support projects, internal social responsibility programs and have demonstrated participation at the community level with both employees and management in community projects and fundraising efforts.

3. Excellence in Customer Service Award

This will be given to an organization that consistently demonstrates a high level of commitment to customer service and satisfaction. The candidate demonstrates a commitment to customer service over a prolonged period of time with an impact on sales.

The business owner understands the meaning of the phrase “the customer is always right” and empowers staff to provide solutions to problems and offers consistent high levels of service.

4. Entrepreneur Award

This will be awarded to a business that has opened within the last 5 years. The award recipient will meet the following criteria:

The ability to create a business concept and implement it effectively.

LEADERSHIP:  The focus and strength of character that enables the entrepreneur to move forward and inspire a team to do the same, despite skeptics and obstacles.

ACHIEVEMENT: Driving business success by going beyond developing an idea and continually innovating in order to generate new ideas.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Knowing that commitment and responsibility are not only confined to business and leveraging energies and resources to give back to the community.

5. Green Business Award 

This award, sponsored by the Carleton Place Environmental Advisory Committee (CPEAC) is designed to recognize and celebrate those businesses who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the environment. The award recognizes businesses overall commitment to the environment, actions, communication, adaptability to change and willingness to innovate. The Green business Award supports businesses seeking to adopt and strengthen sustainable best practices, enhance their triple bottom line and celebrate success. Nominate a business that is working towards reducing waste, conserving resources, promoting a healthy workplace environmental and community engagement.

6. Best Covid Pivot 2020 Award – NEW THIS YEAR

This company showed ingenuity and perseverance in adapting their business model to better serve clients and customers and to thrive during the Covid-19 pandemic. They were able to evolve their brand value and create a stronger connection with their customers and the community during this unprecedented time.

7. People’s Choice for Best Business Award: Open Voting on Facebook

This award will be presented to a business that is seen as a leader in the community, is highly engaged and active. This business (and their staff) is engaged in volunteering, community events, and understands the concept of giving back to the community. This business delivers a high level of customer service, is an innovator in their field and has demonstrated overall excellence in business.

For more information on nominations, tickets and sponsorships, please contact  Jackie Kavanagh or Amber Campbell at the Chamber of Commerce office at 613-257-1976.

Click below to see the rules and guidelines for nominations:


Rules and Guidelines