Covid Rapid Screening Program

Chamber of Commerce FREE Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Self Screening program!

Why do this?

Information from Health Canada suggests that many people carrying the virus are asymptomatic! Over 50% of known cases were transmitted by an asymptomatic carrier. This makes it incredibly important to find asymptomatic carriers in order to combat the spread.

A Covid-19 rapid screening test can be performed anywhere (i.e. at your workplace!) and does not require shipping a specimen to a lab for processing. It takes approximately 15 minutes to see the results. Frequent testing increases the chances of early identification of cases.

How does the Program work?

  • Small businesses select a representative from their company to be the “Screening Supervisor” responsible for the program
  • They sign up for this free program
  • Employees administer the test themselves with a gentle nasal swab, under the guidance of their Screening Supervisor
  • Test results are ready in 15 minutes
  • Anyone who tests presumed positive, or inconclusive, is directed to self-isolate and get a PCR (standard) test as soon as possible
  • Employees are generally tested twice per week

Sign up for the Program

Step #1: Complete the Terms of Use Agreement and return to

OCC – Rapid Antigen Business Agreement

Step #2: Call the office to arrange for pick-up, 613-257-1976

To view the Rapid Testing Program Frequently Asked Questions, click here:  FAQ_RapidTesting.docx (20 KB)

To view the Ministry’s Training Video, click here: