Putting together a successful advertising campaign could be the most important aspect in taking your business to the next level. In terms of campaigns, an advertising campaign might be one facet of a larger marketing campaign strategy.

At a recent Chamber Business at Breakfast, Jordan Hawn of Hawn Consulting broke down the core elements needed to build, launch and monitor a successful advertising campaign. He stressed that having a clear vision of short- and long-term goal is key. He suggests starting with SMART Goals. Narrowing down all your big ideas into SMART Goals helps you and your business focus on achievable success. Each element of the SMART framework helps to create a goal that is carefully planned so it is easy to measure your progress and be accountable for your success. It also helps when you look back at lessons learned.

Next, define and study your target market. Be as specific as possible, researching the likes and dislikes purchasing behaviour and values of the group you’re trying to advertise to, not just age and demographics.  Consider the customer journey from the time they understand their need to solve a problem through to when they’ve found the solution.

Jordan says, “Using different types of media ensures your business stays top of mind.” Your website, social media, newsletter and networking events should all resonate with your brand so that your potential customers become your clients.

Examples of types of media include:

  1. Paid Media –  billboard ads, boosted content, lead generation
  2. Earned Media –  influencer relations, blogger relations, word-of-mouth
  3. Shared Media – brand ambassadors, charity tie-ins, reviews
  4. Owned – podcasts, employee stories, content marketing

Jordan suggest building a strong foundation before spending money. Advertising can be one of your largest expenses, but if you’re working off of elements you’ve already put in place it doesn’t have to be. Existing customers are an easy win.

To dive deeper into your advertising campaign that’s right for you or to set up a consultation with Jordan Hawn visit: www.hawnconsulting.com