Knowing your business exists and what it can offer is the first step toward getting feet in the door.

Imagine you have a free evening, and you want to go out to eat. It doesn’t matter how amazing the food is at the new place down the street; if it doesn’t pop into your mind, you won’t be going there. The same is true of your potential customers. They need to think of you to spend money with you.

So how do you ensure you’re top of mind and that patrons will think about your business over the competition? You need to find ways to stand out and be memorable. A good product or service is the first step. Good customer service is also a solid choice. But to truly stand out you must do something slightly different.

Host an Event

Hosting an event at your business is a great way to help people remember you. It also provides an experience, which many people enjoy over purchasing products. When you host an event, encourage people to share the occasion on social media for even greater reach. There are several types of events that draw crowds:

  1. Sampling Offering/Services – Host an event that is directly related to what you do. A restaurant may throw an invitation-only, special tasting night to sample its new menu.
  2. Arts and Crafts Event – Offer an evening out based on your product. For instance, a yarn store may hold classes on how to knit or a flower shop on flower arrangement.
  3. Mini Market – Celebrate your employee and customer talent by holding a mini market outside your store. A café held a market in the alley patio displaying art made by the employees and ended up attracting a lot of business.

Social Media Presence

Social media can instantly give your product reach that would be impossible on almost any other platform. Depending on the nature of your business, and the things your ideal customer/target audience may have in common, a Facebook Group can connect your buyers to you and to one another. For instance, a bookstore might create a Facebook Group for writers or fans of a specific genre. In a Facebook Group you can share information and flash sales, stream events, and invite your audience to talk about their favorite things.

Many online brands are gaining customers from all over the world by posting TikTok videos or Instragram Reels. The online community will keep your brand center stage while uniting and engaging your audience.


A newsletter is another great way to share what you are all about and keep customers and clients up to date on your activities. You can announce your upcoming events and those in your community, share information related to your brand and drive people to your website and social media. Gain new customers and clients with an online action button that signs them up.

Regularly sharing your thoughts and expertise helps build trust in you and your brand.

Coupons/Special Deals

Offering special deals and promoting them in your community and on social media is a great way to attract new customers who may not think to buy your product and thank existing customers for their patronage.

Try it out! The Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce offers FanSaves to both members and non-members. This digital couponing platform helps promote member businesses while attracting new and returning customers. Find deals on everything from restaurants and entertainment to technology. Users can redeem discounts in-store or online.

If you want strong sales at your business, you need to ensure that your target market keeps you top of mind. This can be achieved by utilizing any of the above ideas. Whatever you do, make sure you use consistent branding and tone. After all, you want them to remember you, not question who you are.