For our September Business at Breakfast we had the pleasure of welcoming Sherry Crummy, founder of Crummy Media Solutions, for an interesting and informative presentation on utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing. AI has revolutionized the way businesses interact with customers, analyze data, and execute marketing strategies. It has proven to be a powerful tool that enables companies to not only stay competitive but also thrive in an increasingly complex and data-driven marketing environment. AI is able to process and make sense of vast amounts of data at a speed beyond human capability making it a valuable asset to your marketing strategy.

Here is an excerpt from Sherry’s blog, Harnessing AI for Small Business Marketing Success:

Demystifying AI:

At its core, Artificial Intelligence is about making machines think and adapt like humans but on a vastly accelerated and broader scale. From smartphone assistants to recommendation systems on online shopping sites, AI impacts our daily lives.

While AI can provide data on consumer behavior, it cannot fully comprehend the nuances of human emotion and psychology that are essential for creating effective marketing campaigns. AI can’t replace relationship-building: Building relationships with customers and stakeholders is a critical part of marketing.

Dive into Generative AI:

Picture this: a digital assistant that doesn’t just help but creates. That’s Generative AI. From articles to artwork, it’s the technology’s way of bolstering creativity.

The primary difference between Generative AI and Traditional AI lies in their objectives and functioning. While Traditional AI aims to perform specific tasks based on predefined rules and patterns, Generative AI goes beyond this limitation and strives to create entirely new data that resembles human-created content.

The full blog, which includes many examples of AI tools which excel in different areas, can be found here: Exploring the Potential of AI in Marketing Strategies | Crummy Media Solutions

Although Sherry encourages using AI tools to generate and expand your marketing, she cautions that they need to be used responsibly and sites some of the negative aspects to be aware of.

Chat GPT is not connected to the internet, so content cuts off at 2021. If you are looking for more up to date information you will need to add it in yourself. You also MUST use the tools only to generate ideas, not to write your copy and always fact check. The tool ‘hallucinates’ meaning it makes things up or confuses information and it does so with confidence. For example, it stated that Sherry hosts a podcast called Small But Mighty Biz Stories when in fact she was a guest on the podcast!

Pro tip, typing ‘make it casual’ prompts emojis so if that’s what you’re going for you will get a lot of them!

Leveraging AI in your marketing strategy can improve efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately driving better results and ROI. Knowing which tools work best to enhance your business is key and it is important to remember to use AI ethically and responsibly.