Bob and Louise are the enthusiastic husband and wife team responsible for creating this fantastic little birding shop in the heart of Almonte. The couple always knew they wanted to open their very own backyard birding store and finally made the leap of faith in September of 2011. Since taking flight, the birding store has gained much popularity within the birding community and beyond!

Gilligallou Bird Inc. prides itself on providing the best quality birds seed to local customers and the local bird community. The duo was concerned regarding the nutritional value of the bulk seed that was being sold in the marketplace. But from this disappointment, came opportunity and a business plan developed which resulted in the creation of Gilligallou.  The couple pride themselves on providing top-quality seed with no fillers, weeds or grass, pesticides or GMO products. Their motto, “Cardinals are red, Blue Jays are blue, and all the best seed comes from Gilligallou.” 

Bob and Louise care for the birds of Lanark County just as much as they care for their customers. Along with providing quality feed, they do everything in their power to provide top quality services and resources. They along with their friendly staff provide tips and tricks for successful birding in Lanark County.

They love to build connections not only within the birding community but also the communities they live in and visit. Gilligallou Bird Inc. updates their website and blog regularly with fun lessons and facts about birds. They also have their very own YouTube channel that features How-To videos on different kinds of feeders. They explain the best ways to attract different kinds of birds, they have created lists of the top facts for different bird and provide relevant and informative information on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – just some of their favourite platforms to connect to their customers.

Check out their unique and charming shop on Mill Street in Almonte. You’re sure to find something special beyond feeders and seed including a wide assortment of books and bird-related gifts. They also offer several special blends of bird-friendly, fair trade, organic coffee. 

They are open Monday through Wednesday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Thursday through Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Sunday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

For any further information or questions visit Gilligallou Bird Inc. at 14 Mill St., Unit 3, Heritage Court Mall, Almonte, or contact them at 613-461-7333 or