“There is a great deal of value to being a member, well beyond the more obvious networking.

The connections we make can lead to opportunities such as:

– local social and economic issues that impact business owners

– connections with like-minded people looking to help each other in ways that otherwise might not happen

– discoveries about impacts of decisions made by our mayor and town council

– learning new ways of various business aspects through experiences of other business owners

– learning about resources that can help when looking to grow or wind down a business

– finding resources for funding opportunities

– help in sourcing new employees with qualifications that can meet your specific needs

– encouragement and understanding from others who have been or are in your shoes

– having a voice to bring issues to the town in a collective and professional way

– providing input on issues around economics and social responsibility

– having a forum to bring forward questions and get information from people who might be able to help

– having a chance to showcase your business and your personality – a very personal spin on who you are and what you do


I joined without knowing what to expect of the Chamber, but will continue as a member now knowing how invaluable it can be for me and my business.

Just knowing who’s who and what other business services I can tap into and putting a face to the name, is a great tool to have in your back pocket.”