Member to Member Discount Program

What is the Chamber M2M Program?

The Chamber Member 2 Member program is a Chamber led discount program where Chamber members can offer exclusive savings on products and or services to other Chamber members. Each Chamber member business has the opportunity to offer fellow member’s a special discount to drive traffic to their business and to obtain enhanced promotion.  The Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce offers this opportunity to its members in order to:

  • Promote its members and the services that they offer
  • Support and promote a Buy Local Shop Local mentality in our community
  • Help our members create new business contacts and leads to clients and their friends and families



All M2M offers are promoted on the Chamber website. All members in good standing receive M2M cards annually at the time of renewal. The number of cards given to a business is relative to their annual membership fee and the number of employees that they employ. All Chamber members receive at least one M2M business card with their membership. You do not have to promote an offer to receive your own M2M card for use.

The card should be presented by the Chamber member at the time of order or purchase along with their company business card. The name of the company is noted on the M2M card. 


M2M Sponsors / Offers

When you are a participating sponsor of the program, you choose the terms of the offer which the Chamber will promote – including your company name, logo, and location to our:

  • Monthly newsletter,
  • M2M Discount webpage
  • If a M2M sponsor attends a business at breakfast they will have the opportunity to verbally promote their offer.


M2M Users

Through using this card and being satisfied with the products or service(s) that were received, the member agrees to share and recommend this business to their friends, family and business associates.

A list of all the M2M offers can be found on the Chamber website at