At our October Business at Breakfast we were joined by Valerie Beaulieu, founder of ProActive Athletic Therapy and Mind-Body Coach. She introduced ways to utilize your number number one tool, your brain, and how your thoughts and mindset can change your life.

Several years ago, Valerie experienced major personal life stressors that took a toll on her mental, emotional and physical health as well as her business. The stress resulted in severe migraines and GI issues. She had very little success in treating her health conditions with the conventional Western medicine approach.  Then, a podcast called ‘The Life Coach School’ by Brooke Castillo changed her perspective completely. “For the first time, I had hope that I could get healthier and feel emotionally and mentally better,” she said. After attending Castillo’s Life Coaching Event she decided to get her certification, not only for her personal growth but to help others manage their mindset and emotions. With this she dove into studying mind-body medicine and discovered neuroplastic pain/symptoms and nervous system regulation.

Valerie has since developed a Mind-Body Coaching program utilizing skills and tools which specifically help people resolve their chronic pain and symptoms. Now she expertly weaves mind-body coaching into her practice as a physio therapist. Valerie says, “Feelings are like fuel in your car,” driving your nervous systems to create what’s going on in your body. Everything we do and the results we create are caused by the thoughts in our brains. Learning to manage your mind is key to healing your body and achieving your goals.

Valerie also explained her PSPRV (Marketing /Copy Creation Framework) which she calls ‘pure gold’ and a game changer. To bridge the consumer-expert gap you must connect to your target audience. Emotion is the number one thing that comes into play when consumers make a decision to buy or use what you are selling, so it is important to connect with them on an emotional level.

Here’s how the acronym works:

Problem: Ask yourself what is the specific problem your consumers have when they come in to see you or buy your product?

Solution: What solution do you help them create? What is the reason they hire you or buy your product?

Process: What is the exact process you use to help them create the solution? Write down the steps for how your service or product solves their problem.

Results: What results do your customers/clients have in their life after following your process? Bridge the gap by looking at their life before and after following your process.

Value: Assign each result a value. They can be monetary, time, feeling or belief. Convince your clients that working with you or buying your product is the most valuable investment they can ever make!

You must have a clear vision of what you want for your business and believe in that vision and your values 100% in order to attract clients/customers and be successful.