Ontario Economic Report

The Ontario Economic Report (OER) is the landmark research platform of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), presenting the collective voice of our 60,000 members
in 135 communities across the province. This research highlights the year ahead and year that was, offering a unique lens on the economy.

This year, the data contained within this report reflects the theme of the OCC’s annual Ontario Economic Summit (OES) by exploring Ontario’s competitiveness throughout
the following three sections. We have gauged the temperature of business through the Business Confidence Survey (BCS), benchmarked small business competitiveness
with the Small Business Friendliness Indicator (SBFI), and examined regional growth projections in the Economic Outlook.

The 2020 iteration of the OER reveals new facets of Ontario’s competitiveness, including the perception gap between micro- and macroeconomic realities, how
friendly (or not) the business environment is for small firms, and the oft-significant differences in experience among regions of the province. These are factors all tiers of
government and industry must consider as they seek to make Ontario competitive for business.

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