To our members:
The Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce, along with the Ontario Chamber network understands the significant impact that recent increases to the minimum wage and expansion of labour and employment standards are having on all businesses. For months, we have forewarned that these reforms would have unintended consequences and now we are seeing them come to fruition as businesses take extra-ordinary actions.
Last Friday, Premier Kathleen Wynne tweeted “I’m happy to talk to any business owner about the minimum wage.”

We welcome this openness by the Premier, and we encourage all Ontario businesses to contact the Premier to discuss how the quick implementation of these reforms is harming their ability to do business in the province. Furthermore, we encourage businesses to also tell the Premier that further offsets must be extended in the 2018 provincial budget in order to deal with rising input costs.
The OCC has visited many communities around the province and we know the best voice to discuss these unintended consequences comes from Ontario’s business owners. We are happy to hear the Premier also values their voice on this issue and we hope that this listening exercise will turn into real action.
Businesses can contact the Premier at:
Together, we must ensure we are doing all we can so that Ontario remains competitive.