In a world where you can shop anywhere, we encourage you to shop local.

Why shopping local matters…

While the price, selection, and convenience of one-stop shopping sites are tempting, we encourage you to keep your dollars in our local community! When you keep your money where you live, you are supporting an economy of friends and neighbours, and building a community that thrives.

Small-scale, locally owned businesses create communities that are more prosperous, connected, and generally better off across a wide range of metrics. When we buy from independent, locally owned businesses a significantly greater portion of our money is then cycled back through our local economy — to facilitate purchases from other businesses, pay salaries, contribute to local charities, and support local innovation and community activities – ultimately strengthening the whole community.


Black Tartan Kitchen: 132 Bridge St. –  613-492-0860
Boulton House: 53 Mill St. – 613-492-3535
Lakeside Shawarma & Souvlaki: 155 Bridge St. – 613-253-8333
Mavericks Donuts: 37 Lansdowne Ave., Unit 0115 – 613-257-8787
Sagar Indian Cuisine: 156 Bridge St. – 613-492-1333
Smith and Barrel Pub & Eatery: 7 Bridge St. – 613-492-1566
Stalwart Brewing Co.: 10 High St. – 613-253-2307
The Good Food Co.: 31 Bridge St. – 613-257-7284
The Thirsty Moose Pub & Eatery: 20 Bridge St.- 613-253-0879
The Good Food Tour:  613-402-2901
Thruway Restaurant: 10432 Hwy 7 – 613-257-5326
Zak’s Diner: 515 McNeely Ave. – 613-492-0200

Please visit the business links to find out the complete details.

Now is more important than ever to think locally when you are planning to make a purchase. Leave your dollars in your community. Think ahead to birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations. Perhaps take this time to purchase a gift card now to be used later for those special occasions.

Real Wool Shop: 142 Franktown Rd.

Chasin’ Turkeys: 51 Bridge St.

Graham’s Shoes:139 Bridge St.

Heritage Optical: 130 Lansdowne Ave. Suite 6

IDA Drugmart: 47 Lansdowne Ave.

Solace Hair Design: 6 Lake Ave.

Surrounding Memories:  77 Bridge St.

The Dress Shop: 141 Bridge St.

The Floral Boutique: 77 Bridge St.

The Granary Bulk and Natural Foods: 107 Bridge St.

The New Oak Tree: 470 Townline Rd.

The Pickledish: 24 Lake Ave. West.

The Queens Crafters and Antique Market: 142 Bridge St.

Please visit the business links to find out the complete details.

Downtown Dining and Shopping Map


More Ways to Support Local:

  1. Outfit a home office/workspace – add some plants, flowers, prints and stationery to give it a personal touch
  2. Share your GREAT experiences of using local suppliers or retailers, tag them in a FB post
  3. Do some spring cleaning -stock up on cleaning supplies
  4. Get Crafty – take on an art project and buy your supplies from a local retailer
  5. Write your story – redesign your business card or rack card and get it printed locally
  6. Plan your garden – get ready now for planting, add some soil and mulch to your favourite beds and pick up some must-have flowers and shrubs
  7. Take care of yourself – get a massage or schedule a treatment for later
  8. Get organized – clear out the old and plan to donate or gift
  9. Redecorate – pick a room and make it your home oasis with some scented candles, special artwork, or a new piece of furniture
  10. Get some takeout – and pick it up yourself or dine in
  11. Update your wardrobe – check out our great local retailers
  12. Pamper yourself or someone else
  13. Participate in a class – learn a new skill, take a fitness class or take an online learning course
  14. Commit to Future work – hire a local contractor or tradesperson to take on some jobs you’ve been putting off
  15. Don’t stress – check out a local health store for supplements and foods that will lower your stress levels
  16. Donate to a local not for profit – if you can, donate your time, food, $$ or goods to a local, not for profit
  17. Book for tomorrow – make an appointment with a hairdresser and/or esthetician
  18. Buy now, use later – get yourself or someone you love a gift card
  19. Outsource – hire someone to do those jobs you don’t enjoy
  20. Refer someone – tell your friends about a great local service you can’t live without
  21. Unpause your membership – get ready to go back and support
  22. Eat, drink and be merry – many local restaurants and breweries
  23. Plan a game night – rent a game, or book an at-home escape room locally
  24. Book a staycation – make some local plans
  25. Send flowers or chocolate
  26. Learn something new – borrow a book or movie from the local library
  27. Get more takeout or dine in
  28. Get some new shoes