This contemporary art gallery busted into the  Almonte cultural scene in 2014. In 2016 ready for a larger space, the gallery moved to Mill Street where it now features creative works of art from painters, sculptors, and photographers from all over Canada.  

Gallerist Sanjeev Sivarulrasa has developed strong relationships with local artists as well and is an enthusiastic promoter of the local artistic community. Sanjeev values professionalism in his business and runs the gallery with the same care as the Canadian National Art Gallery would. 

The Gallery displays and sells the incredible original Canadian artworks in a unique way that best suits every individual piece. The gallery also has a bright open feeling that invites customers in to view the artwork. Over 20 artists are currently featured at the gallery with everyone having an independent and distinct display. 

The gallery has a variety of art styles displayed including abstract, realism, and contemporary and mediums are varied.  This variety does not only benefit the artists, but it also widens the overall appeal of the gallery and attracts customers with many varied tastes and budgets.  

The gallery occasionally hosts cultural soirees that feature lectures, poetry, and music as a way for the gallery to promote the local arts and culture scene. These events, “the Culture 22” events, are limited to 22 seats to keep the environment comfortable and intimate. Sivarulrasa Gallery is proud to be a partner and sponsor for the community’s cultural organizations and shine the light onto local artists and the importance of sustaining cultural assets. They believe that art can bring the community together and promote positivity and creativity. 

The Gallery ships artwork across Canada and the USA. 

Sivarulrasa Gallery is located at 34 Mill Street in Almonte and they can be contacted at 613-256-8033 or For more information visit their website at