Strategic Plan

The Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce

Our 2020 Vision:
Vision, Leadership, Action



Strategic Plan Overview

The Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce strategic plan for the three years approaching 2020 seeks to enhance the Chamber membership experience, increase and improve public perception and awareness of the Chamber, build strong community relationships, demonstrate leadership in shaping the business landscape and increase revenues to strengthen and grow the Chamber.



A Chamber of Commerce is the vehicle that enables people to work together to improve business – to build a better community and to develop better citizenship in the community, the province and the nation. Although the local community is a market in which business compete for customers, the common intention of the business leaders is to grow and improve this common market. Their Chamber is the means through which they can work together to achieve this goal.

The Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce was incorporated as the Carleton Place Board of Trade on January 24th, 1916. In the last hundred years the organization has changed and grown along with the community it represents.

Records show that the Carleton Place Board of Trade was started by 24 local merchants. In June 1970, the Carleton Place Board of Trade officially changed its name to The Carleton Place Chamber of Commerce. Today our Chamber boasts over 240 members that represent the community in all sectors.

The Carleton Place & District Chamber of Commerce has established working committees to carry out its Strategic Plan. Each has a specific mandate, expressing the Chamber’s role in business advocacy, delivery of tourism services, engagement and relationship building among the membership, cultivating a business friendly culture within the community and demonstrating leadership in community economic development.

What set’s our Strategic Plan apart from all the other Chambers, who documents we have reviewed, is our Chamber’s commitment to Community Economic Development.

In many municipalities, economic development is a portfolio of local government. Recognizing the potential for business and social growth in Carleton Place, over the next five years, the Chamber recognizes the opportunity to complement a formal municipal economic development strategy.

In addition to committees charged with governance, membership services and tourism, the Chamber has established two working groups to address community economic development and the cultivation of a small business support network.

This reflects the Chamber’s view of its role as an advocate for its business members’ and its responsibility to demonstrate vision, leadership and action, as a driver of community economic growth and prosperity.

Execution of these goals depends heavily on the personal commitment of each member of the board of directors, the working committees and the Chamber membership. It is vital that all read, understand and endorse the Strategic Plan.

Three keywords describe the Chamber’s Strategic Plan: Vision, Leadership, Action.